A set of useful functions to use in any Python project.

You can go straight to the API documentation here: Reference/API.


utools is a Python 3 library that gather multiple useful functions for various domains. Developers often have their own private tool library; utools is just one of them being publicly released. It does not claim to be exhaustive, always optimized and clearly implemented, but it certainly does the job.

Even if utools is at first a personal collection of snippets, every developer is invited to use it and contribute to its code.


Currently supported versions and implementations of Python are:

  • python 3.3
  • python 3.4
  • python 3.5
  • pypy3

Others might be compatible but are not officially supported.


Required libraries are automatically installed when installing utools (see Installation to learn more). In its current version, utools only requires additional libraries to run the tests and build the documentation:

  • pytest 2.9.1
  • pytest-cov-2.2.1
  • Sphinx 1.4.1
  • sphinx-autobuild 0.6.0